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Design 16th - Apr - 2019

Interaction Design and its significance

In today’s rapid-paced world, almost everyone relies on smart devices and applications for digital accomplishments day-in-day-out. Since the designs are cr...

Design 21st - Feb - 2019

Design-Ops: For a Hassle-free Design

Its 9 PM. After all the brainstorming and conceptualization for the past 2 days with the user research results, Jack is creating a new wire-frame for an e-commerce website. He has just fi...

Design 8th - Feb - 2019

Difference between UI and UX Design

User Interface and User Experience are very important in design. The User Interface is part of the User Experience Design but the User Experience can exist without User Interface. The mos...

Design 31st - Jan - 2019

Inspire your Heart with Art

So today is a day dedicated to ART in all its glory! Although we do not need a specific day to get fascinated with art forms still it doesn’t hurt to have a day dedicated to the same. Tod...

Design 22nd - Jan - 2019

Ask The Hero – Usability Testing

Designers who are involved in UX research might have often come across the term “Usability Testing”. Usability testing is user research done for redesigning of a product in order to make ...

Design 10th - Jan - 2019

Design Myths everyone believes in

As designers, we come across a lot of misconception and crazy ideas about design. To be fair, UX can be confusing for those who are not very well-informed about design. This article is a...

Design 3rd - Jan - 2019

Predominant Graphs in a Dashboard.

If one asks “What's the most exiting process of designing a Dashboard?” it's easily the way we design the preference data to visualisation. There are many ways a data can be simply put on...

Design 24th - Oct - 2018

Future of Data-driven UX

Imagine you are hungry and had to rush into a restaurant that you visit on rare occasions. To your surprise, the waiter at the restaurant already has your ...

Design 7th - Sep - 2018

Buoyancy of UI/UX – It’s not what you think it is

Well the title of this article might trigger questions and that's exactly what i am looking for. I start with questions, questions that might end up with many more questions, here is one ...

Design 7th - Sep - 2018

Core values to Design Dashboards

How easy is it to design a dashboard? Very far from easy is the take. Dashboards are a way to easily determine the foremost trends of business data. Designing an effective dashboard is a ...

Design 7th - Sep - 2018

Designing for Accessibility

Accessibility involves making it easier for the users with disabilities to access electronic information. As designers, one of our responsibilities include making sure that our product de...




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