Design 3rd - Jan - 2019

Predominant Graphs in a Dashboard.


If one asks “What’s the most exiting process of designing a Dashboard?” it’s easily the way we design the preference data to visualisation. There are many ways a data can be simply put on the screen which gives its authentic meaning in a short glance, one of the most used and effective tool is to show the data in respective graphs. Imagine you are in a restaurant and the food is served on your table, the first glance of the food and its presentation can give you a glimpse of understanding about the overall quality of the restaurant, so it’s really important to present in the right way. In this case the data visualization has to be planned how to represent preference data in a simple yet effective use of graphs.

There are many types of graphs, below are the list of most effective graphs used globally which helps the clients to understand their data visually in a better way.

1) Bar Graph :

Bar graph is the most used visual representation. Because of its effective way of representing data, metrics or even to measure/compare performance. Any form of generic data can be visually represented in a bar graph, the simple structure empower the users to read data in a short glance quicker than any other graph.


2) Pie Chart :

When it comes to allocations and comparisons, pie chart as a whole adds in depth representation of data. Pie chart easily describes the divisions of allocations, most of the research attributes are also represented through a pie chart. It is also easier to compare products distribution or budget allocations of a client in a short glance.


3) Scatter Plots :

In recent trends most of the engineers have started using scatter plot more as an important visual medium to read data. Scatter plot data shows the relationship of two or more data representing the variable values in a data set. By plotting certain data sets in a scatter plot shows clear view of levels that are color coded which in turn gives quick glance of trends.


4) Stock Graph :

One of the most important and common graphs used globally to represent highs and lows of data. Stock graphs are a visual medium used to make quick decisions, As the name suggests all the stocks and monetary data is visually represented in this graph which helps the user to determine highs and lows of the business easily.

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Design 3rd - Jan - 2019

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